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Conference Update: Saskatoon, Canada

Well this is the first of a series of updates about what’s been going on whilst preparing for the start of this module. In June I was fortunate enough to attend the Canadian Law & Society Conference in Saskatoon ( A quiet city in Western Canada in the state of Saskatchewan not too far from Calgary. As you can see from this picture taken on the “town side” of Saskatoon (it is allegedly a city) it’s a fairly quiet place. The Unviersity is over this bridge where you will also find wild Pellicans and hundreds of cute gophers popping up next to the pavement. I’m getting sidetracked…The conference drew together people from a range of disciplines though my conference seemed dominated by sociologists from Canada and the USA. My paper was entitled ‘Sexuality, Public Space and Legal Control in the Cyber Age’ and drew primarily upon research published last year in Information & Communications Technology Law in an article entitled ‘The Only Gay in the Village: Sexuality and the Net’ (details at: combined with an article due to be published in the Journal of Criminal Law later this year entitled ‘Sexuality and the Criminal Law: The Cottaging Phenomenon’. Essentially I argue that in addition to the emergence of the ‘Cyber Cottage’ the Police are now using these sites with varying degrees of success as part of their policing strategy. Through the monitoring of such sites a number of different polcing approaches emerge from the draconian to the liberal. You can view the whole conference programme at:

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This entry was posted on July 9, 2007 by in Canada, Conference, PSEs.


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