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The Death of Gay Media?

Interesting story in the latest issue of GT and on various online bulletins about the magazine Attitude. First launched in 1994, Attitude was always the younger orientated magazine. More about sexy men and decadent lifestyles than politics and campaigning (read Gay Times). It’s interesting therefore that Attitude seems to have vanished from the shelves again amongst rumours that they’ve gone bust. According to GT the next issue will be out in August due to problems with the printers. Is there still a market for gay orientated magazine? I think so. I just don’t know whether gay youth still see having a gay magazine as all that important. This could be another sign of the ever changing ‘gay culture’ that no longer sees the first gay magazine purchase as a significant event. The Beautiful Thing (play and film by Jonathan Harvey) depicts such a scene and it’s long established in the gay mythology. As I think I’ve mentioned on this blog before – for me it was Manchester Piccadilly train station in 1999 on my way back to Uni. OMG I’m buying a magazine with the word “gay” on in big letters. Surely everyone in this line is looking? Does buying a magazine with “gay” on carry anything like the same stigma/prejudice today? I’d welcome peoples thoughts!

2 comments on “The Death of Gay Media?

  1. Tom G
    August 24, 2011

    The first gay magazine I purchased was at a WHsmith store in York. It took approximately two days for me to decide to actually do it. After the actual purchase (was a GT on this occasion) I felt liberated. This was the start of my 'gay life' and as I look back quite a milestone for me. At the time I was using the purchases of the mags as a kind of tool of identity, my passport to queer culture.Have to admit that I don't frequently purchase the magazines anymore – perhaps the occasional one on my iPad. More out of curiosity than anything.

  2. Chris Ashford
    August 24, 2011

    Interesting. I'm just not sure it now happens given – as you say – you can buy via an iPad (which didn't happen why I originally posted this blog post) or look at some of the heaps of online stuff. Gay Times used to be important for the venue listings at the back – long now abandoned.

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