The Senator Craig story led to a whole series of cartoons. Some of which can be seen here:
Jesus Diaz at Kean University wrote the following to the Q-Study list and it’s worthwhile repeating here:
Three comments: (1) Some of these cartoons reinforce the mistaken idea that behavior equates with identity. Many men who have sex with men and many women have sex women have no gay or lesbian identity. Besides, as the book Tearoom Trade revealed a few years ago, some men who solicit sex in restrooms are in frustrated heterosexual marriages and go these rest rooms to seek a quick adventurous and anonymous release.
(2) Totally missing from the public discussion is any explanation of why some men seek other men in these locales, or in the woods, parks, beaches, etc.–and the more closeted they are the more they risk public exposure by seeking them there. For as long as society denies us the chance to sexually seek each other openly–as heterosexuals do–these places will continue to exist. They are the sexual equivalent of the hidden places of worship Christians and Jews were once forced to have. L/G/B/T people out of the closet who live in places with organized L/B/G/T communities do not need to frequent these locales.
(3) Though Craig’s Republican bashing of L/G/B/T peoples makes me detest him, at the same time I feel pity for the man. It must be horrible to reach your 60s in a condition of hypocrisy and personal underdevelopment.