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Greek Bloggers Against Discrimination

Another interesting story on Pink News this week concerns Greek Bloggers. It’s an interesting development in the campaign for LGBT rights. The story states: ‘more than 200 weblogs have joined an initiative called Greek Bloggers Against Discrimination to campaign against proposed new legislation on domestic partnerships that excludes same-sex couples.’

I’m really interested in the way that the Internet appears to be increasingly used to promote rights based agendas and with that, shifts in law. For sexual minorities this enables groups that may have previously found it difficult to communicate and gather in order to organise such campaigns an opportunity to do so. For example, could the Internet be used to shift our perceptions of inter-generational sex or self modification or barebacking and bug chasing? Is it already doing so?

The story can be viewed in full at:

The blogs can be viewed here.

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This entry was posted on March 21, 2008 by in barebacking, body modification, gift giving, Identity, paedophile.

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