There’s a really interesting feature in the latest Diva magazine. The piece explores modern day lesbian identity with the strap-line: ‘Why we prefer heels and pumps to hob-nail boots’. The piece, drawing on interviews with numerous glamorous high profile lesbians argues that the last ten years have seen a shift in identity with an increased feminisation of lesbian identity. It states at one point: ‘In 2008, the default look for most lesbians is noticeably more feminine than at any other time in our history’. This seems particularly interesting when there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that there are more camp men – so this appears to be more complicated than simply putting gender perfomativity down to legal reform.

This fascinating story contrasts with the cover of Diva. The August issue features a photo shoot with The L Word’s Daniela Sea and includes one pic on the cover. I’ve used it as the image to the right – what do you think? More feminine, whatever feminine is?