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Texas Sex Toy Ban Defeated

Back in February I blogged about Lawrence and Garner v Texas decision on a sex toy ban. Well the subject was back in court last week. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has two areas of focus on his web page – killing people and sex. It seems he hates sex and loves killing people. That may be an exaggeration but there do seem a lot of press releases about executions and it is reported that he’s just tried to appeal against a decision that prevented him from banning dildos, vibrators and a host of other sex toys. He attempted to overturn the previous Lawrence decision and ensure there was a ban on sex toys. Luckily for the million of Texans who were desperately thinking of a hiding place for their deluxe rabbit, they don’t have to because the AG was defeated. Take a look at the judgment here.


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This entry was posted on August 11, 2008 by in Law, Sex, sex toy, texas, USA.

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