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Sarah Palin Calls for Federal Ban on Gay Marriage

I’ve not blogged much on the US election for a while but that’s not to say I’ve not been watching it. Sarah Palin, the moose shooting hockey mom Governor from Alaska and self styled pit bull with lipstick could be placed a heart beat from the Presidency next month. Given Senator McCain doesn’t look like he’s got that many beats left in him she has deservedly received a lot of coverage in the world media.

Tina Fey has been catapulted to world fame because of her likeness to Palin in a series of Saturday Night Live Sketches (and this weekend the real Palin appeared alongside her). You can see a clip here and the Guardian ran a piece today examining the phenomenon.

It’s easy to dismiss her as a joke but you never know in America. They did elect George W Bush. Today Pink News reports that Palin came out (if you pardon the pun) for a federal ban on gay marriage today after speaking to a Chinese TV network. Such a move would set America back decades on this issue and undo the minimal progress that has been made assuming of course that gay marriage is viewed as progress (by either the queer or straight community).

Come on America, how many reasons do you need to vote Democrat???


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This entry was posted on October 21, 2008 by in Law, marriage, McCain, Obama, Politics, USA.

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