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Liverpool Gay Village Plans

Spooky or what. Exactly a year ago on the 12 November 2007 I blogged about plans to create a ‘gay village’ in Liverpool. Today, Pink News is reports: ‘a leading councillor has attacked Liverpool’s City Council over plans for a gay village.’ It goes on to state that the plans ignore the wishes of the ‘gay community’. Whoever and whatever that is. It is interesting to note the ongoing controversy. Given Manchester has lost Manto and AXM in the last two months the idea of following the successful Manchester model seems increasingly controversial. Twelve months ago you could perhaps have argues economically sound as a tool to encourage regeneration but socially questionable is (as we saw with the Skeggs and Moran research) if there is an influx of ‘straights’ and the ‘gay space’ becomes less gay as a result of these developments.


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This entry was posted on November 12, 2008 by in Community, Gay Village, liverpool.

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