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Stan Collymore on Jeremy Kyle

A friend flagged up this appearance via a text this morning but by the time I read it it had already passed. Thankfully there is ITV2 (and there’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d ever type). Stan Collymore, former footballer, appeared in the compilation show this morning presented by Jeremy Kyle. I’ve heard of the show before but never actually watched it – this seems to have been a good decision going off the rest of the show. Anyway, there was this bit where he did talk about his rather infamous dogging encounter. I think Kyle’s attempt to suggest that this form of public sex behaviour is some sort of indicator of someone who is totally F***** up is pretty wide off beam but the bit from Collymore is pretty good. The book, ‘The Isle of Dogs’, by Daniel Davies and published last year by Serpents Tail includes a character very similar to Collymore (including the personal number plate).

In writing this, I’m really avoiding writing more on my book – Public Sex: Silent Desire to be published by Routledge-Cavendish next year which aims to tackle some of these issues. In case you were wondering, yes do expect more shameless book promotion between now and it coming out in Autumn/fall next year.

I tweeted the Collymore clip earlier and I’ve also embedded it below. You will need to turn your volume up (sorry folks)


One comment on “Stan Collymore on Jeremy Kyle

  1. Sean Hennelly
    April 24, 2009

    Haha Jeremy Kyle- what a show. Basically, people come on that have various social worries, and Jeremy Kyle imposes his own moral code in a bullish, aggressive manner that fails to achieve anything. Interesting that he does this, in light of him having been a gambling addict, thief and alcoholic…

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