Danny Dyer popped up on This Week last night in the context of a discussion on equality (hence the gratuitous photo). The show can be viewed again on the programme website here. On that page, the Danny Dyer item is pulled out as the main video so you don’t have to sit through the whole programme to watch it. It has a really good intro video narrated by Andrew Neil at the start. His opening question to Dyer was “what does equality mean to you?” and it’s a useful starting point. The Gay Times Chandler Cline blog is pointing to the possibility that the Tories might attack the equality bill. That may be true but they wold be doing so because, as with the Dyer conversation, the focus in an equality discussion usually comes back to issues of money and class rather than issues of race, sexuality and gender. This is particularly the case given that is what the government is choosing to highlight. I don’t think you can suggest that a Tory front shadow cabinet with two male members openly gay and in civil partnerships and opposition to this bill does not equate to being gay. On a personal note, I think there is some good stuff in the bill, some bad stuff, and some stuff that needs amending. That I question the present structure of proposed new burdens for business on wage visibility does not make me anti-women or anti-gay any more than it does those who seek to scrutinise and question this bill.

On gender, would we not argue that Lesbian bars can be a good thing? Groups that are aimed at only gay youth useful? These are discriminatory practices and environments but surely we would say they can be a positive thing? Equality is not therefore always a good thing and we should embrace a more nuanced debate on this area. Perhaps a better term is ‘fairness’.