Every now and then I try and post on a resource that will be of assistance in the study of my modules on Law and Sexuality, Gender, Sexuality and Law. Now teaching is up and running for the year, I’ll try and post something on these resources each week. This week I want to flag up marksimpson.com. Older blog readers will remember Mark Simpson (pictured right) from his Attitude columns and other readers might know him from his collection of texts. Simpson has always been good at providing fresh insights and angles on what is sometimes casually called ‘the gay lifestyle’. In the last fortnight he’s blogged about the first ‘gay night’ at Catterick Garrison which I still find both amazing and unbelievable. He’s also blogged on a wonderful interview with Gore Vidal which appeared in the Times newspaper. Vidal unleashes his acid tongue on the issue of sexuality stating: “Don’t make the error that schoolteacher idiots make by thinking that gay men’s relationships are like heterosexual ones. They’re not.” . Simpson says of Vidal: ‘God, I can’t help but love the old bastard.’ I couldn’t have said it better. Well worth a look. As if that wasn’t enough, he also comments on Ronaldo’s package and his new role with Armani (with a rather brilliant piccy).