I have some sympathy for the straight Italian couple at the centre of this story regarding a cruise holiday. The Daily Mail ran with the story and in a nut shell the story is as follows: ‘An Italian couple are suing a shipping line for £2,800 after claiming they were not told a relaxing holiday they had booked was in fact on board a ship hosting Italy’s first gay cruise’. There are so many aspects to the story that I love – they paid for it with supermarket loyalty vouchers, they encountered friends who they didn’t know were gay, the reproduced pictures used to advertise the cruise (pictured right) and they assumed the mass media presence was because someone famous was on board. It must have been horrendous to be surrounded by people who have a different sexual orientation, enjoying a holiday and you feeling like such an ‘outsider’. I don’t see how they couldn’t have known it was a gay cruise – the ‘gay’ people on board had to know it was a gay cruise and no other ‘straights’ found themselves on board. Oh it’s a funny old world.

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