What a fabulous man Michael Petrelis is. He’s been informed in a right row that seems to be flying around the right wing twitterati and bloggers. Following a San Franciscan public meeting with local officials and interested parties, Michael Petrelis, a local advocate talked about the loss of public sex space at the Folsom and Dore Valley fairs. Following the loss of public sex space (in response to a small number of complaints), Petrelis suggested the provision of a ‘public sex tent’. He blogged: ‘I said a tent, that would be clearly marked for oral sex and alcohol-free, should be considered, as a safe space for consenting adults to engage in fellatio on a public street. Of course, some poor suckers, er, lucky volunteers would have to head up a committee to maintain security at the tent, or other structure, if this idea is to become reality, and I’d be the first to kneel down and pray that this happens.’ Personally, I’d rather people were able to engage in sex within the open air at these events but the tent idea seems a pragmatic suggestion.

What then seems to have happened is that Mayoral candidate and District 8 Supervisor Bevan Dufty suggested he was open to the idea and that seems to have been interpreted as it happening. The right such as this blogger and this one plus this editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle are bitterly opposed and seem to have gone a bit hysterical. My suggestion to those offended would be stay away -it’s quite clearly a defined space event so keep out. If you don’t want children to see these things, don’t take them.

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