Pink News reports that the Commissioner for Human Rights in Moscow, Alexander Muzykantsk, ‘has suggested that Russian gays and lesbians should hold gay Pride marches in Germany’. In an interview with a Russian magazine, he apparently suggested Berlin as it is ‘de facto the world capital for sexual minorities’. Poor Mr Muzykantsk seems to have had some difficulty with the word ‘Pride’. It does rather defeat the object of the event if it is in another country. Of course, these is a history of violence at previous Moscow Pride events (apparently originating with the Police) and the annual festival has long courted controversy.

I’m not sure whether this is a calculated ‘we don’t want homos here’ measure or is a sign of ignorance in the true sense of the word, a lack of awareness about the importance of Pride. I’m therefore reluctant to say rise up and march against this Russian barmpot (at least not yet) but rather, continue the dialogue and emphasise the importance of this event to Muzykantsk and others like him.