Oh dear Mrs Robinson. I can’t find it within me to attack or take joy in the fact that Iris Robinson is suffering from depression. That said, I seem to be in a minority within the LGBTQ community judging by the number of tweets, blogs and Facebook statuses that are taking great joy in the fall of this particular Northern Ireland politician. The story even made it to the main story on the US Advocate website just before I went to bed last night. As wife of first Minister, Peter Robinson she may yet bring down the NI government and with it, bugger up the peace process. Nice one Iris.

For those who don’t know, Iris Robinson shot to fame by making a series of homophobic remarks over the last year or so, comparing homosexuality to paedophilia and offering to pass on the details of someone who could ‘cure’ homosexuality to those who got in touch with her. Seemingly a religious zealot, she appeared to secure few friends outside the devout and the right wing. The fact that she has now been exposed as having an affair with a 19 year old (she was 59 at the time), and also the BBC has suggested, has been involved some dodgy financial settlements all adds up to ‘just desserts’ for many.

Ina further twist, Attitude magazine is now offering her former lover a chance to appear on the cover which I think would be rather poetic.