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The Big Questions?

I normally avoid the BBC’s ‘The Big Questions’ like the proverbial plague. Dull, old fashioned and like a time wharp to the early 1990’s it needs a re-boot. It is of course the BBC’s effort at religious/ethical programming and bless them they try. The trouble is it’s probably too dull for attracting new viewers and far too ‘trendy’ for those who want good honest, wholesome like granny religious programming. Anyway, I was drawn in this morning by a trailer before saying one of the questions would be ‘should you be honest about your sexuality’. Peter Tatchell was one the ‘panel’ so I Sky plused it and watched it later so I could skip through the other stuff. Well, it was largely as dull as I remembered. You can (if you’re a UK viewer) watch it again on the BBC site here. To be honest, I could link to any programme like this that has discussed the topic in the last 20 years and the programme would be the same. There’s also a discussion board that has a fair bit of activity on this subject here.

What disappointed me was how unoriginal the arguments were (hey, I was being optimistic that I might be surprised). It was all a bit Groundhog day. Tatchell was joined by a trendy woman vicar (surprise surprise, the slightly more progressive one) and an older woman member of the church synod (the let the homos burn in hell one). The audience was the usual smattering of the barmy and the worthy. A glimmer of hope was raised when the presenter, Nicky Campbell asked about whether we should be open about all aspects of our sexuality – by extension – fetishes, fantasies and so on. Now that was a subject far more worthy of debate and one we’ve not had endlessly. Alas, it didn’t really develop. Watch the programme yourself here.


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This entry was posted on January 10, 2010 by in Politics, Religion, TV, video.

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