Well it shows what I know. The US Supreme Court has, it seems, banned the YouTube broadcast of the Proposition hearing. I don’t know why yet as that doesn’t seem to feature int he reports and I can’t yet see anything on the Supreme Court website. I’ll keep checking and post something when I find it (if you find something, elt me know!). The Advocate says in their report that the court ‘will block the planned broadcast of the footage on YouTube until the justices have more time to consider the issue. Today’s order will be in place until Wednesday’. What the hell? Why? The Californian court had been taking part in a trial to open up the legal process. The special Proposition 8 page on the court’s website was a pragmatic acknowledgement of the degree of public interest in this case and televising this case for the world would be the right thing to do – if anythign the YouTube posting was in my view, not enough. This decision appears to relate to the pre-trial hearing so all hope is not yet lost but I look forward to seeing the justification for this barmy decision.