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I’m backing the Liberal Democrats

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of my students. My teaching finished before Easter and so the students that this was originally designed for will be busy with their assignments. In any case, this blog has always been a place for comment and views rather than simply posting ‘hard facts’ (indeed, I largely reject the very idea). Nonetheless, there are always those who say (usually when I’m saying the opposite to what they think) that I shouldn’t express views as it might influence others. I hope I do influence others – including my students. That is in the context of recognising my students and other readers of this blog are capable of reaching an independent opinion and my views are not a statement of monolithic truth.

So, that out of the way, I’m now saying that I am backing the Liberal Democrats in the forthcoming general election. Going off the few results on my top poll – most of you are backing them too. They seem the right party for me across all the issues. When I watched the launch today I was convinced Vince Cable should be chancellor.

In terms of the LGBT policies, the Lib Dems have launched an LGBT manifesto (Labour are due to launch one tomorrow evening) and it can be viewed here. Pink News scrutinises this development and raises some good questions which you can read here. The Lib Dems have been consistently strong on issues pertaining to law and sexuality and on gender. The main argument put forward for not voting Lib Dem – even when you agree with their policies – is that they are not likely to win. It’s a fair comment but look at the polls – they all point to the Lib Dems being the king makers in this election. The more you vote Lib Dem, the more Lib Dem policies can be a reality in twenty odd days time. It’s an exciting prospect.

Don’t panic – this doesn’t mark me beginning a Lib Dem drone. I’m not a party member and I will continue to say what I think rather than spout a party line, but you deserve to know where I’m coming from when I write. Finally, if you’ve not voted in the poll on the top right – do!


One comment on “I’m backing the Liberal Democrats

  1. Sean Hennelly
    April 16, 2010

    I am also, and this is an independent view ;), swinging towards a Lib Dem vote this year. I have always seen them as a bit of a non-entity if I'm honest, but I'm taking them very seriously this year (and not just because I don't trust Cameron and find Brown hard to connect with).With regards the LGBT Manifesto (terminology issues aside), I am pleased to see in particular that the Lib Dems have focused somewhat on homophobic abuse and bullying, which I think is a huge issue (and has been for a long time).You may be right Chris- this could be a historic year! (All this following the US electing a black President- fabulous!)

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