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Cameron and the Sacking Challenge

Pressure is mounting upon David Cameron to sack shadow front bencher, Julian Lewis after his comments about the age of consent. This is a no win situation for David Cameron (even more so than with Grayling). If he sacks him, it gives even more prominence to this story and suggests the Tories haven’t changed beyond a few people at the top. The additional dimension this would have is in relation to Grayling. Grayling wasn’t sacked (instead it was just briefed that he was unlikely to actually be appointed Home Secretary if the Tories win). If Lewis is won it suggests Cameron disagrees on the age of consent but agrees with Grayling about discrimination by Bed and Breakfast owners. Cameron therefore has no choice but to keep Lewis in place – for now. Gay bloggers myself similarly have no choice but to keep the pressure on Cameron and highlight what are clearly outdated and homophobic attitudes in the top ranks of the Tory Party.


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This entry was posted on April 22, 2010 by in 2010 general election, Homophobia, Tories.

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