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David Henry and the Salford Alternative

I’m backing the Liberal Democrats in this election but if I lived in the new Salford & Eccles constituency I’d be backing David Henry. Henry is one of 32 candidates running for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition – a group of the left formed at the start of this year. If you know me well you might find this a puzzling choice. I’m not a member of my union and generally disagree with their policy stances and tactics. I would never define myself as a socialist. Why on earth would I therefore urge people to support Henry? Well, there are quite a few reasons. The broad brush answer is he seems one of ‘the good guys’. He’s up against Hazel Blears – who is the notional incumbent in this new seat. Blears got herself in quite a bit of bother over the expenses scandal. When I see a ‘bit’, I mean a shit storm of dodgyness.

Henry is a self described ‘Human Rights activist’ – and a key figure in Outrage offering, in my view, a sensible and progressive approach to sexuality and gay rights. He seems a tireless campaigner and a passionate local figure. He also seems quite fun, bringing a sense of humour and ‘real’ perspective. For the shallow, he’s a bit of a dish. Our politics would be better and brighter with him in Westminster. If you live in Salford & Eccles, give him a shot.

The Daily Politics focused on the TUSC in it’s small party slot today. It should be live on the DP site here a little later today.

Check out Henry’s website here.

*UPDATE 17.05, 22/4/10*

Thanks to @LawrenceMills who points out that LGBTory chair, Matthew Sephton is also standing in this seat. He seems to have a nice line in spectacles. Shame about the policies.


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This entry was posted on April 22, 2010 by in 2010 general election.

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