Apologies to those who realise this story has been around a little while – it didn’t really fit with my recent election focus so I’ve been holding it over. Brent Corrigan is a self described ‘director, actor, performer’ in the world of pornography. It seems fair to say, he has a rather large following. The 23 year old star (born Sean Lockhart – a better name in my view) is a personification of the ‘twink’ identity and although he was known for some bareback porn in his early days he is now a firm safe-sex campaigner. he’s now joined a campaign to promote safe sex by showing people how to use a condom – literally. he’s naked and shows people how to put a condom on by – putting a condom on. He does it with humour and it feels so much better than the usual naff productions we get in safe sex campaigns. This campaign – the FUK|!T Campaign also has a website that you can view here. It also has explicit content. The Campaign is Washington DC based but I’m sure other organisations will be inspired by it.

It seems a really good idea to me (although I remain critical of some safe sex campaigns – and the hypocritical and hectoring tone that characterise some in this area). I can’t embed the video as that would mean I’d have to add the adult warning on to this blog but you can check it out here.