Now the blog is back to normal, you might be interested to know a special issue of Liverpool Law Review has beee published on Gender, Sexuality and Law. It’s edited by moi so be nice! lol. You’ll need a subscription to access the articles except mine which is available as a PDF on the website here. The contents consist of:

Socio-Legal Perspectives on Gender, Sexuality and Law: Editorial
Chris Ashford, 1-12

Pacific Perspectives: Fa’afafine and Fakaleiti in Samoa and Tonga: People Between Worlds
Sue Farran, 13-28

Against Myths and Traditions that Emasculate Women: Language, Literature, Law and Female Empowerment
Julia J. A. Shaw, 29-49

Trajectory of Reform: Catholicism, the State and the Civil Society in the Developments of LGBT Rights
Maria Federica Moscati, 51-68

Public Space, Public Morality: The Media Construction of Sex in Public Places
Sean Hennelly, 69-91