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Coming Out as HIV Positive

Many of us know that coming out about our sexuality is not a once off event. You come out to friends, to family, the employers and then you move, come out to new friends, new work colleagues, new employers and so on. Yet, to then ‘come out’ as HIV positive is to create another barrier – the need to ‘come out’ yet again, coupled with the inevitable fear of rejection at a time when you’re trying to get your own head together. The Sword blog has a story on its site about gay porn star Mason Wyler ‘coming out’ as HIV positive which he first did on his blog earlier today. You can can read his blog post here (NSFW).

Not only does Mason face the personal issues (which he has apparently had the last twelve months to reconcile) but not he has to come out as positive again, with his positive identity defining his porn identity as much as his sexuality. It will determine the work he is offered, the studios that offer it and perhaps even the fanbase he secures. It’s a reminder of the complex identities that porn stars have to negotiate and it no doubt heralds the new-found regulatory, legal and social pressures that Mason will need to confront. Stick in there buddy.


One comment on “Coming Out as HIV Positive

  1. Sean Hennelly
    August 25, 2010

    I was just reading his post- the support from people through comments on the site is amazing! I saw one person had offered pro bono representation against those who 'outed' his illness.It's a fascinating insight for me actually into how (perhaps this is just one side of it) HIV/AIDs is viewed within the LGBT community.

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This entry was posted on August 20, 2010 by in Coming Out, HIV/AIDS, Identity, Pornography.

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