Another post, another apology I’m afraid! This time, over what will be a series of stories from the Guardian (it’s rather good on law and sexuality matters!). The Weekend Magazine has a fascinating piece today on the photographer Laura Pannack and her project to photograph young naturists. Yes, young naturists.

When I was at high school we went on a water sports trip to the South of France. During several days canoeing down the Ardèche Gorges (one of the best vacations I’ve ever had – I was of a different physical build back then!) we made routine stops for lunch etc. On one occasion we stopped off at a beach only to find it was a nudist beach. A range of middle aged people with small penises and big flabby boobs were everywhere. As Michael Caine didn’t quite say: “nudists…thousands of them”. We tend to think of nudists as the person we least desire to encounter nude. In our popular conscience, Gavin Henson look-alikes are not nudists, but Ann Widdecombe look-alikes are.

This study is therefore fascinating – yes we see a range of body builds among the young but firstly, they are young! Many are also really quite beautiful. The pictures expose a world ironically so often hidden to society. They tackle our pre-conceptions about nudists. You can read the full piece here.