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Stonewall Top Employers

Stonewall published its annual ‘Top 100 Employers’ yesterday. A list of the great and good – and presumably, the people that gay men and women should hope to work for. As I say every year, I think the methodology is terribly flawed but the list should nonetheless be welcomed. It does throw the light on the issue of LGB (Not T -it’s Stonewall) employment and that has to be a good thing. Some of those in the list, I know have moved beyond the ticking of boxes, and represent real efforts to address the LGB agenda. Gentoo – the North East based housing group comes a very well deserved 11th. A terrific group that have done much to transform not only housing but their policies towards LGB customers and employees. A number of the big law firms also feature, Simmons & Simmons coming highest at 19th. Hampshire Constabulary come an impressive 4th and the main news story is that the Home Office comes in first. Universities do terribly – just four make it, with the University of Salford taking the top spot at 60.

Read the full list here.

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This entry was posted on January 13, 2011 by in Employment, Stonewall.

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