The campest night on television takes place this evening with Eurovision being broadcast live from Düsseldorf. If you were lucky enough to miss my numerous tweets during the second semi-final, I should warn you that I will be frantically tweeting through the grand-final tonight. In the event you’re not already following me and you’d like to, you can do so here, otherwise, you’ve been warned! The BBC have put together a lovely score-card that you can print out here.

I think it unlikely that anyone will produce a performance in which the camera and your eyes are focused upon the buttocks and groin of a performer, as they were back in 2004 with Deen for Bosnia & Herzegovina. It was actually a really good song which seemed to suffer from bad acoustics and a less than top notch performance by Deen on the night.
As for camp performances, there will be many tonight (I give you Jedward for starters) and the UK’s Blue should put in a credible performance but it’s unlikely to provide the camp fun that Scooch provided back in 2007 – “would you like something to suck on for landing sir?” remains my favourite line in any Eurovision song ever 🙂