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A commentary and resource on Law and Sexuality by Professor Chris Ashford and guests

New College of the Humanities

The big HE story of the week – and dominating academic law blogs – is the news that a group of high-profile scholars have established the ‘New College of the Humanities‘ in London. Of course, the programme structure is limited by their option to deliver the University of London’s International Degree. The LLB looks rather dull and conventional but the institution could provide an exciting product in the long term – the type of place where you’d expect innovative law and sexuality offerings (no, I’m not bidding for a job, fat-chance that they’d ever offer anyway). Anyhow, Richard Moorhead offers some interesting initial thoughts on his blog, with further context by Michael Bromby on Digital Directions, and UKCLE Director, Julien Webb adds his thoughts on his blog.

Lots of potential but too early to say whether NCH will achieve that potential. They could certainly gain from the addition of some innovative figures – Gary Watt at Warwick springs to mind.

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This entry was posted on June 8, 2011 by in education.

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