As if the excitement of Up Your Alley wasn’t enough for folks in San Francisco this weekend, there is also an organised ‘Nude In’. A local nudist group asks: Just how many naked people can fit in the CASTRO COMMONS PLAZA? How long can we hang out before the COPS show up? What will you say if someone challenges your right to be NAKED?

They aim to find out this Saturday at noon at the Castro Commons Plaza. The group has a Facebook page here and a blog page here. At the time of writing, the FB apge has 30 people attending, and asks people to ‘make a statement for body freedom and acceptance, come get buck naked in public with us! Remember your camera, forget your inhibitions.’
It’s an interesting injection of radicalism to the weekend. It will certainly be interesting to see how the incident is responded to. If you attend, please post in the comments any news/feedback on the event.
UPDATE: Late on Saturday, organisers posted the following on their FB page:

‘Many thanks to all of our naked pals for joining us in the plaza this afternoon! We counted a total of 21 different naked men during the Noon-to-3pm timeframe. We really appreciate your support and we are pleased you spent your Saturday afternoon naked with us!’

So…not a huge turnout but enough to grab the attention of passers by?