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Next in New HIV Poz Clothing Range?

Those of you who regularly follow me on Twitter, may have noticed I had something of a wardrobe malfunction yesterday. I was down in London doing some archive research and I’d packed a new shirt that I hadn’t worn before. I put the shirt on only to find a stitching design on the front I hadn’t noticed when I bought it (pictured right). The shirt had a biohazard logo on it – the symbol of choice for bugchasers, and part of HIV/AIDS iconography. It’s choice for a clothing design seems a little odd. Although most people probably wouldn’t think much about it (would you?) it’s a top that could take on new significance in a gay sex club/sauna or a gay bar. I had accidentally bought what could be the UK high street’s first Poz clothing item.

The shirt was from UK high street chain Next. it’s a popular British brand and has over 550 stores across the UK – so there will be quite a diverse consumer base unwittingly walking around with this logo. it’s slightly like those stories I seem to remember of tattoos or t-shirts in a foreign language that turn about to be stupid or plain offensive.

It’s from the new Autumn/Winter collection and you can view/buy it from Next here.

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This entry was posted on August 11, 2011 by in commercial, HIV/AIDS, Identity.

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