I watched the launch of Blendr – the ‘straight’ version of the popular App Grindr with interest (read more on the launch here).  I confess that I am a long standing Grindr user (is there some sort of help group?) but it’s fascinating to see how this app  – which is, let’s be honest, about hunting for sex, be re-marketed for a straight audience.  Heterosexuals it seems, want to ‘network’ and ‘date’ rather than seek out the nearest available sexual outlet.  It would have been interesting to see it launched as a genuine ‘straight’ version of Grindr rather than this spin, although it will be interesting to see how it is actually used and what the gender split of users is.  A whole new app for students to play with during workshops, tutorials and lectures.

Quiet Riot Girl offers a really interesting insight into this development.  Coming from a queer perspective, QRG challenges some of the assumptions that we might have regarding potential users.  Check out the post in full here.