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After Equality

Apologies for the shameless plugging but you might be interested in a piece I’ve had posted at the Huffington Post.  It was written a month ago and other writers – Suzanne Moore and Mark Simpson for example – have since tackled the same issue but this does try to knit together the debate on both sides of the Atlantic and ever brings my own unique approach (*cough*) to the subject of where now for equality law.  Check it out here.  Do please also feel free to post a comment on the original post.


2 comments on “After Equality

  1. Elly
    November 24, 2011

    Great post Chris.Mark Simpson's on the topic is here: do agree with the commenter at Huffpo who said you seem to have suggested 'homosexuals' are men, by talking about bareback sex and public sex.Also it ignores bisexual people.And, as I said on the Occupy my Throat piece, this vying for 'space' is often riddled with class/ethnicity issues. Places like Canal St are so white middle class. And the occupy spaces seem to be too.

  2. Chris Ashford
    November 27, 2011

    Thanks Elly – I've tried to elaborate in the comments section in response to specific questions.

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