There have been a couple of really interesting blogs on conferences on the theme of sexuality – and their strengths and weaknesses.  QRG writes about a recent ‘Pornified’ conference.  There are some interesting observations but it is limited by the fact QRG didn’t actually attend.  There are difficulties in interpreting these things – perspectives and gender would have been slightly tweaked by my presence – I was invited to speak at one of these conferences but I’ve forgotten which – but I couldn’t get funding to attend.  I suspect the same was true for a few others so it doesn’t take much to skew these things.  Nonetheless, some interesting comments.

Of greater interest, and perhaps value is a post by Jane Fae on a sexology conference (which I’d also hoped to attend but once again, I find myself in a funding black hole).   Fae makes some really interesting observations about disciplines coming together – but this is in part a growing agenda from the funding bodies so it’s not entirely ‘organic’.  Nonetheless, some fascinating broad perspectives about what is going on in the academic discussion and exploration of sexuality.