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Most Influential LGBT Twitter Users of 2011

Pink News revealed earlier today that Stephen Fry has been named the most influential LGBT Twitter user in’s 2011 list.

In early December, sought nominations for the users LGBT readers listened to the most. These nominations were then run through the PeerIndex social media ranking system to draw up a list of the top 50 LGBT Tweeters.  PeerIndex measures how authoritative and interesting other people think a Twitter user is, as well as what topics and categories drive that interest, rather than focusing only on the number of followers each user has.

Of immense shock to me, is my own inclusion in the list – at 26th.  No word yet on how Russell Tovey feels about sharing the 26th spot.   The list in full can be viewed here.  I am absolutely delighted, and would like to thank those who nominated me, and those who follow me, RT my thoughts and interact with me on everything from legal change to Strictly Come Dancing.  Here’s to a wonderful 2012!


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This entry was posted on December 31, 2011 by in awards, blog, Community, twitter.

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