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A Lexicon of Public Sex: Help Wanted

The next three months of my life will be dominated by finishing off my horrendously delayed first monograph, Public Sex and the Law: Silent Desire.  It’s an academic text but I hope it finds a wider readership and to that end, I’ll be including a ‘glossary’ at the end of the book which will include public sex terms, general terms associated with sexuality and theory.  I’d appreciate any suggestions on what you think I should include in the list – perhaps a term that you struggled with as a student, or someone newly exploring these issues, perhaps something you’re still unsure about.

All suggestions much appreciated, either as a comment on here, or via twitter/email.  Thanks in advance!


One comment on “A Lexicon of Public Sex: Help Wanted

  1. Elly
    January 3, 2012

    I emailed you about it! 😀

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