It’s easy to forget about a story once it’s dropped out of the headlines.  The introduction of ‘Sarah’s Law’ (like Megan’s Law in the USA) enables parents to seek disclosures on whether their new partner has a record of sex offending.  The theory is to make homes safer for children.

One regional newspaper highlighted this week that 53 people in Lancashire made applications about someone their child has close contact with under the Child Sex Offender Disclosure (CSOD) scheme since it came into force on April 1.  The information was provided under the Freedom of Information Act and it will be interesting to see whether they are representative of the national uptake, and whether over say three years, the figures reflect an initial ‘surge’ of demand or an ongoing level of demand for information.

What it does show is that the scheme is up and running and potentially making an impact on hundreds of families around the country.

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