The landmark obscenity trial, R v Peacock concluded on Friday (see my previous post on the trial here) with a unanimous acquittal.  I’ve finished putting a piece together this morning which I hope will be publish don a webzine in the next few days (I’ll post a link once it’s up).  In the meantime, there are a number of excellent pieces that are already on the web:

BBC News: Not guilty verdict in DVD obscenity trial 

The Guardian, Obscenity trial: the law is not suitable for a digital age

New Statesman, Obscenity Victory

New Statesman, It’s time to abolish the obscenity law

The Guardian, Michael Peacock’s acquittal is a victory for sexual freedom

Pink News, Not guilty verdict in gay escort’s obscenity trial

Readers may also find interesting a couple of videos below of the defendant, Michael Peacock in which he talks about his life.  They were conducted by the Erotic Awards finalist, escort and porn performer, Drake Blaize.