I really hope that some blog readers can help out with this film project.  I did an interview with them last year as one of the ‘experts’ but they also want to document individual stories of cottaging.  They are an enlightened bunch and worth helping out if you can.  It’s so important that we document these public sex narratives.

Here’s the shout-out from them:

The Strange Decline of the English Cottage (working title) is a documentary currently being made about history and decline of cottaging in the UK. We are currently looking for people to help us by contributing their real life stories of cottaging experiences so that we can record them using voice actors and then use them to weave the story of cottaging.

We are interested in hearing from everyone who has a story they would like to share whether it is amusing or perhaps more cautionary. A lot of people have had bad experiences involving the police or queer bashers and it is important that we record these experiences for posterity.

We are also very interested in hearing from married men who cottage or used to cottage. We would like to record your experiences of cottaging rituals, practises and practises, using or responding to graffiti as well as why you cottaged and the small details that stick in your memory.

If you are interested in finding out more or you have a story you would like to share, please email Graham at grakirby@gmail.com

Here’s their Tumblr account relating to the project.