Law and Sexuality

A commentary and resource on Law and Sexuality by Professor Chris Ashford and guests

Journal Alert: Sexualities

A new issue of Sexualities has been published.  I’ve not had chance to read it yet but the content looks brilliant.  Check out the full contents below:

Feature: Queer Netherlands

Queer Netherlands: A puzzling example Gert Hekma and Jan Willem Duyvendak Sexualities 2011;14 625-631

‘As long as they keep away from me’: The paradox of antigay violence in a gay-friendly country Laurens Buijs, Gert Hekma, and Jan Willem Duyvendak Sexualities 2011;14 632-652

Hearts, groins and the intricacies of gay male open relationships: Sexual desire and liberation revisited Tony Coelho Sexualities 2011;14 653-668  

Spontaneous pleasures: Sex between women in public places Sasha Albert Sexualities 2011;14 669-680


‘You will always have to “out” yourself’: Reconsidering coming out through strategic outness Jason Orne Sexualities 2011;14 681-703

The penis as public part: Embodiment and the performance of masculinity in public settings Jared Del Rosso Sexualities 2011;14 704-724

‘Deep down where the music plays’: How parents account for childhood gender variance Tey Meadow Sexualities 2011;14 725-747

Book Reviews

Travis SK Kong, Chinese Male Homosexualities: Memba, Tongzhi and Golden Boy Sexualities 2011;14 748-750

Sexualities 2011;14 750-752

David Caron, My Father and I: The Marais and the Queerness of Community Sexualities 2011;14 752-


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