Gay Times carries a refreshingly honest if frankly odd interview with Tom Daley in the new May issue.  It accompanies a big feature with Matt Cardle half dressed (straight) and Pasha Kovalev (sexuality avoided but he’s straight isn’t he?) so the homosexuals, Adam Lambert (back sporting eye liner and the ‘over-groomed’ look sported by many a orange homosexual), Ian Watkins (fretting over his ‘swimmers’ in an LA fertility clinic) and Julian Clary (feeding chickens in a silk kimono) are cast as slightly bonkers side characters.

The Daley ‘interview’ is actually far from it.  Instead it turns out that PR moguls turn Tom Daley into shark bait and hurl him into a pool of journalists.  The questions and answers in GT seem to have been overheard questions posed by a lady from Sky Sports.   Sexuality doesn’t come up (there is a question about screaming girls) and Daley does seem fixed on defining himself and any potential actor portraying him as being tanned with dark hair.   We learn little – other than about his sponsorship deal.

It’s interesting that GT devote two pages to an overheard interview (with official Adidas picture of Tom in his sponsored Adidas trunks).  The appetite for Daley as a celebrity continues and the appetite for Daley as a homo celebrity is certainly there despite his continued utter lack of sexuality (other than appearing as camp as a row of pink tents).  When GT do catch Tom briefly to themselves (to shake his hand) they take a photo which is ‘one of the most unintentionally camp photos ever’ and describe it as ‘our fault, sorry Tom’ but sadly the said image isn’t published.  The truth is its in Daley’s commercial interest to remain a symbol of sexual curiosity – and he may not know himself yet.  Daley will however, be someone who negotiates his sexuality in the public and commercial arena – at least for as long as the general populace wants to have sex with him.  He’s such a bottom right?