Home Secretary Teresa May has ‘come out’ today via the Out4Marriage campaign site in favour of same-sex marriage.  However, it’s still only the ‘good’ gays that she likes.  Not those nasty gay men who you know, have like gay sex and stuff.  ‘Cos that’s bad.

Wearing her Maidenhead hat (no sniggers at the back), she condemned men show ere having sex in Maidenhead thicket.  This increase in a captivity follows the removal of hedges from a nearby lay-by which had been sued for public sex.  As happens in so many parts of the country, the problem had been moved from one place to another.   May therefore concluded that the behaviour had to be stopped all together.  Quite how this is panning out in reality will be interesting to see.

Although cruising sites do make reference to the story, the general concern of cruiser appears to be about the dominance of ‘old’ men rather than the forceful words of the Home Secretary.

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