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Mr Gay UK 2012

In a further sign that time seems to zoom on by, Mr Gay UK 2012 kicks off this Saturday at Blu and Basement in Middlesbrough.  A couple of days later, it’s in Darlington and then on the 27th, it’s at Powerhouse in Newcastle.  Details of the national listing – and contact details if you’d like to host a round – can be found here.

Mr Gay UK is a British annual beauty contest for gay men, with regional heats held in gay nightclubs with a grand final usually at a gay venue. The contests is owned and promoted by the self-styled ‘gay entrepreneur’ Terry George.  George is also the man behind the Bent magazine and online store empire, and a range of bars and clubs in Leeds.  More info here.

Mr Gay UK is therefore as much about business as it is community, but I do wonder what will happen when George heads for retirement.  Can Mr UK (and should it) survive beyond this one entrepreneur?


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This entry was posted on July 12, 2012 by in events, Identity, Mr Gay UK.

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