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Getting it wrong

Sometimes we get it wrong.  I got it wrong yesterday evening in this post about Tom Daley.  With some attempt at humour, I sought to explore the mood of many regarding the ‘is he/isn’t he’ question regarding Tom Daley’s sexuality.   I aimed to point out that it is our very speculation (which of course, I was part of) which makes any exploration of a sexuality other than the normative, near impossible for Daley.  Thus, if he is gay – my reasoning followed – we’d probably never know.  Indeed, we would never know what ‘label’ he ascribes to his sexuality or how he defines himself.  I do think it’s important how we define our sexuality.  Anybody who has ever thought “it’s only me’ needs no further exploration.  Whilst I think that ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ are over simplistic labels, I do think open – and public – discussions about our sexuality are important for freedom of sexuality to prevail.

My post received some nice comments, but it also received some very negative comments.  People whose opinion I value found the post ill-judged and offensive.  When certain people say that, it’s right to pause and reflect.

I hope, as I’ve explained above, my intention is clear in that I did not set out to offend.  Nonetheless, I deeply regret any offence caused.  I’ve reflected on the post over-night and whilst I still think I had a sound reason to post, that rationale did not clearly come across.

Sometimes we get it wrong.  I hope that by holding our hands up and admitting when we – when I – get it wrong, it makes me a better blogger in the long run.  


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This entry was posted on August 13, 2012 by in blog, Community, Identity, Tom Daley.

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