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The North East Feminist Gathering (no men need apply)

Of possible interest to some NE-based readers…

The North East Feminist Gathering is a celebration of local feminism in all its multifaceted amorphous glory.

It aims to bring together the feminist, pro-feminist and femi-curious population of the North East through a series of workshops, discussions and artistic endeavours. A wonderful mix of theory, practical activism, debate, skills you always wanted to develop and interesting sessions to make you smile and rejuvenate your activism…

An event for women by women.

The weekend will culminate in an evening event for participants showcasing a line-up hand-picked from the regions fizzing creative underbelly.

Free crèche facilities – open arts space – film screenings in our feminist cinema space.

For further information and to register:


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This entry was posted on September 29, 2012 by in events, feminism, network, North East.

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