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Being Inappropriate: Teasing Out Some Issues

My post last week regarding online identities, specifically in relation to social media and Twitter seemed to resonate far more than I was expecting.  I thought aloud last week via Twitter that a conference of some sort might be an idea, but that was about it.  I tweeted earlier this evening – in response to a point by my excellent colleague, Chris Newman – that a ‘conference’ was a way of taking this forward but I had already planned on setting out some thoughts as a starting point for discussion.  So…here goes…

I’ve decided to knock together a small research bid to get some funding for some refreshments/pay for key speakers to travel etc.  Here’s as far as my thoughts have taken me thus far with regard to the actual event:

  • It should be a one day event, and should allow people sufficient time to travel the venue – and we can use my own Uni (make a change to have an event ‘up North’).
  • The emphasis should be on discussion/exploring ideas rather than ‘sit and listen’
  • Nonetheless, there needs to be some sort of primer to discussion – how best is this achieved?  Some key speakers – HE leaders, academics, students?  Starting points for discussion?
  • We should try and include students and those outside ‘the Academy’
  • Follow up discussion slot – possible at ALT and/or SLSA Annual Conferences in April next year?
  • Tweeting would be encouraged?
What do you think?
Would you like to be involved in some way?
When’s the best time to hold this?
Please add comments/tweet/email your thoughts!  

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This entry was posted on October 21, 2012 by in academia, Identity, internet, network, research.

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