Law and Sexuality

A commentary and resource on Law and Sexuality by Professor Chris Ashford and guests

Queer Homes, Queer Families: a history and policy debate at the British Library Conference Centre

Readers may be interested in this forthcoming event:

With Peter Tatchell; Professor Jeffrey Weeks, OBE; Dr Kath Holden; Professor Sasha Roseneil; Professor Alison Oram; and Dr Matt Cook.

Monday 17th December 2012, 6.30 – 8.00pm

Places still available but numbers are limited so book soon!

The last decade has seen incredible changes in attitudes towards lesbians and gay men and their relationship to home and family. From legislation on adoption, civil partnerships and access to fertility treatments to representations on sitcoms like ‘Modern Family’ and home make-over shows, there has been a marked domestication of queer men and women. If Clause 28 famously saw all this as a pretence, these home lives are now, arguably, being taken seriously. In this panel discussion we ask what precedents there are for apparently unconventional home and family formations; how far recent shifts reflect broader changes in expectations and experiences of home and family; what they might portend in terms of assimilation, radicalism and difference; and why history might matter in all this. 

Please come and join the discussion. The debate is free and open to all, but booking is essential. To reserve your place please contact Katy Pettit The event is convened by the Raphael Samuel History Centre, hosted by the British Library and supported by the AHRC.


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This entry was posted on November 23, 2012 by in events, family, research.

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