Exam season is upon us.  Students busy themselves revising all hours of the day in the libraries, often looking for distraction in the form of Facebook, Twitter, vending machines, idle gossip and – according to some San Francisco news columns – sex.

As if librarians didn’t have enough to worry about already with the risk of drink spillages.  They now face the added threat from…well, you can imagine the rest.

SF Weekly picks up the story, including a link to the piece which kicked the online rumble off; a piece in the UC Berkley student newspaper in which a student wrote in favour of sex in the library.  This sparked some interesting reaction  – notably from one of the Berkley librarians.

Sex in University libraries is nothing new.  I’ve often observed in research talks on my own public sex research that websites in most international cities suggest college campuses – notably libraries – are where it’s at.  Laud Humphreys – the Godfather of public sex research – devoted an entire article to the subject.