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Nude Norms: The Curious Case of the Castro

One aspect to my role at the University is to lead research for the law team.  It’s often the case that beyond teaching, students rarely see what we do.  I’ve been keen to change that by introducing student research internships, in which students apply to work with academics on small discrete research activities, and in the course of which students get to see how we spend their not insignificant fees.

Anyway, I worked on a little project with a student intern last year, kicking around some ideas for a potential project, which ultimately led to this little piece which appeared on the Freedom in a Puritan Age webzine earlier this week.

It examines the controversial nudity ban in San Francisco.  Take a look at what I hope will be the first of many publications for my wonderful student intern, Sara Mohammadzadeh.


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This entry was posted on January 25, 2013 by in Law, nudity, research, san francisco, USA.

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