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After ’82: The Documentary

I found out earlier today about a new British film, due to shortly be completed. After ’82 has been filmed over a period of three years and is close to completion. The film contains multiple interviews with people who were instrumental in highlighting the AIDS crisis in the UK in the 80’s, people living with HIV, activists and campaigners today. Split into two halves, the first half of After 82 looks at the history behind the AIDS crisis, whilst the second half examines the situation today.Without wishing to be depressing or doom laden – After 82 has a lighter touch than you might expect from such subject matter – the film IS a wake up call that asks why is there still so much ignorance surrounding the topic and why is so little currently being done by the UK government?

There are some short exerts on their website, and it’s a timely British companion to the extraordinary US documentary, How to Survive a Plague


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This entry was posted on March 16, 2013 by in Community, documentary, film, History, HIV/AIDS, Resource.

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