Hot on the heels of ‘Dogging Tales’, the tabloid press are having a field day.  Typical of the type of media comment to be found is the Daily Star.

The paper reports today that ‘Essex has been exposed as the “dogging capital of the UK” after it featured in a shocking Channel 4 show.’

This ensures that the newspaper can make a very tenuous link to popular trashy TV show, TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex).

The paper goes on to describe how ‘It featured couples wearing animal masks having nookie in car parks and woods and getting a big thrill by letting strangers join in or watch.’

For the casual viewer – or indeed those who didn’t watch but have read the reports – dogging now has a new requirement – the presence of a face mask (preferably of an animal).  A combination of poor journalism and poor documentary-making, ensures that we have further corrupting of the truth, and a misrepresentation of this phenomenon.

If you think I’m laying it on a bit too thick, check out the final remark in The Star article:  ‘

Meanwhile the show is being tipped to boost sales of male deodorant Lynx after one dogger was seen spraying himself with it.’  Couldn’t make it up.