At the 2013 Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, I was privileged to hear the work of Liam Campbell, a PhD student at the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies.  His work revealed life for ‘gay’ men in Georgia, and I was reminded of it when I was alerted to a new post by Kseniya Leonova on openDemocracy.

The former Society world is one that we in the West seem to view in broad brush-strocks.  Bad regimes, battles to change etc.  I’m not sure we sufficiently stop, listen and seek to understand the daily reality that this socio-legal landscape presents for those who live in these countries, and the unique cultural perspective that they bring to their own experiences.

This post on openDemocracy explores ‘life in the Chechen closet’ and introduced me to the term ‘dzhigit’.  The piece offers testimony from Umar.  There is frank honestly to the piece which is really quite moving.